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professional coaching services strength based development

We each have things that we do and say that are natural to us. These things come without significant effort; you’re able to quickly learn them; and you probably get great satisfaction during and after doing them. These things are your talents.

A strengths-based development strategy starts by focusing on what people do well. It then emphasizes and builds on those strengths to help individuals become even more productive.

As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, and using CliftonStrengths® development, we help people understand their own talents, focus their talents into action steps, and turn those talents into powerful strengths. Further, we use strengths to develop a team into a robust group of individuals who understand their own strengths, recognize strengths in others, and most importantly, use the strengths of others on their team to maximize results.

People who focus on their strengths are:

  • 3 x more likely to have an excellent quality of life
  • 6 x more likely to be engaged in their jobs
  • Teams that focus on strengths every day have 12.5% greater productivity
  • Employees who receive strengths feedback have 14.9% lower turnover rates than employees who do not receive feedback
  • Employees who learn to use their strengths are 7.8% more productive
  • For the employees who agree that their manager focuses on their strengths, active disengagement falls to an astoundingly low 1%. (source: Gallup, 2020)


professional coaching services team development

Having a team of people that is on the same page, marching to the same beat and aligned with the mission makes your (and each member of your team’s) job and life exponentially easier. We help leaders and managers develop their values, mission, vision, operating guidelines and expectations, and do so while empowering the team members.

People who focus on their strengths:

  • Find the common ground and a common language for the organization
  • People who know their job and know where they fit into the overall company mission are happy coming to work and perform to a higher level
  • A more focused staff gives leaders and managers the time to focus on their own job description and higher goals


professional coaching services communication styles training

We believe that there are two cornerstone areas of importance in any organization, whether you’re talking about a business, a not-for-profit organization, a family, a classroom….any organization. Those two principles are relationships and communication.

Success Signals® is a highly acclaimed book, public television program, and workshop. If you want to understand yourself, build rapport, and get more from your interactions with others, this approach is for you. Wardroom Success Strategies is certified to lead the Success Signals approach.

With Success Signals, people discover how easy it is to:

  • Gain a better understanding of how you personally communicate
  • Understand how others communicate and receive communications
  • Communicate to empower others
  • Respond effectively to the most common conflicts encountered in day-to-day life.
  • Build more successful teams
  • Earn respect from those who communicate in ways very differently than you
  • Create win-win situations with your supervisors, co-workers and family
  • Understand your communication style in relation to your leadership style

This innovative, fun and energizing tool provides powerful and practical ways to improve relationships at work, at home and in the community. 75% of conflict happens as a result of communication style differences. We can help you learn how to prevent, understand and effectively work through conflict, while maintaining the importance of constructive conflict in your organization.


professional coaching services executive leadership coaching

Oftentimes, it’s lonely at the top – ask me how I know! – whether you’re at the top of your organization or the top of your department. As your partner in this journey, we can coach and mentor you to a better work environment, better lifestyle and better balance. Leaders are often bombarded by thoughts, ideas, strategies, directions and “directives from above.”

People who focus on their strengths:

  • Sort through the chaos
  • Provide you with time to focus on your most important leadership issues
  • Strengthen your ability to deal with new and challenging situations
  • Guide you to understand the strengths and value of your team


professional coaching services meeting facilitation

Often, it’s good to have an unbiased third-party lead your meetings so that you, as a manager/leader/supervisor/Board President can actually participate in the discussions.

Having a facilitator works well for your business off-site meeting, team-building events and Board of Director retreats. Since we are not emotionally vested in your business interests, we can provide an unbiased, “see the forest through the trees” perspective, and offer insights based on observations from working with many different successful organizations

As a facilitator, in partnership with you, we will:

  • Determine what you need to accomplish at the meeting and build an agenda  that meets your needs, accomplishes your goals and empowers your team
  • Ensure that everyone participates and is heard
  • Keep the meeting on time and on track
  • Provide a written follow-up of the event with recommendations, based on  our observations


professional coaching services customer service training

We believe good customer service starts with knowing yourself and knowing your audience – your customer. Each of us, in our unique way, and with our unique talents, can represent a company well, and work with clients and customers in a way that is appealing.We do this through team exercises that put team members into the perspective of the customer.


  • Putting team members into the shoes of the people with whom they will interact, thinking about what they see, hear, and do, makes team members more aware of their impact on the customer experience
  • Develop the words or messaging script that the team will use (yes, words matter!) to interact with customers
  • Creating a transformed business environment for the customer

We like to start with examples of customer service methods of Disney®, a world-class organization that practices customer service and interaction on a daily basis.


professional coaching services values discovery

In order for people to feel good about what they’re doing, they need to know why they do it and how it provides them personal meaning. Further, people need to know on a day-to-day basis what they do, what the organization does, how their job ties to that mission, and what the future holds.


  • Uncover the values that are important to an organization
  • Create a mission statement, your reason to be
  • Create a vision, which defines the future
  • Demonstrate how to implement each of these into your corporate culture

Knowing this, and buying into it, a team will feel empowered coming to work each day and being part of an organization, knowing how what they do ties to the overall “big-picture” mission.

success strategies

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