We are forever grateful for the trust our clients
put in us and the kind words they wish to share.


Vice-President, Padilla Bay Foundation Board of Directors

“Kevin recently facilitated a Board of Directors retreat for our Foundation.  While we had choices on who to select, Kevin rose to the top due to his ability to listen, present an organized and affective agenda, and meet our needs.  He met with our retreat committee ahead of time, listened to our concerns, and drew upon his experiences to help us formulate a successful agenda.  Kevin tactfully and diplomatically led our day-long session, inspiring our members to speak their mind, while keeping us focused on what we needed to accomplish.  In the end, we found common ground among the members, had frank and open discussion about our priorities, achieved alignment on our focus, and started on action steps to achieve our strategic goals.  Kevin masterfully guided us both during the retreat and beyond, as he provided us a detailed follow-up report.  Our entire Board of Directors highly recommends Kevin to anyone who needs to effectively get their team on the same page, while allowing for differing perspectives and talents.”

Dean, Basic Education, Skagit Valley College

“I was in a new leadership role at Skagit Valley College.  Kevin guided my 20-person team and, in collaboration with the entire team, got us on the same page.  He helped us develop expectations, our department mission, refine our customer service protocols and ensured the team could be self-managed.  His strengths-based approach and communications style training helped our team learn more about themselves and each other, leading to increased productivity and a happier, engaged team.  His amazing work empowered our people and made my life as the manager exponentially easier, all the while giving me the tools I need to be a successful leader in a growing academic institution.”

Executive Director, Skagit Community Foundation

“Kevin facilitated a strategic planning retreat for our Foundation Board of Directors.  He worked with me prior to the retreat to establish a meaningful agenda, maximizing our time, and developed a pre-retreat questionnaire for Board member reflection and preparation.  In addition to Board training, he asked the right questions to draw out a vision for our organization, empowering our members while making it easy and fun.  Furthermore, Kevin provided us with an exceptional follow-up and recommendations report.  Kevin’s guidance significantly contributed to our success over the last few years.”

Bayview Elementary School Teacher

“Kevin helped us discover and understand each of our individual strengths, as well as how to use those strengths as a team. He also facilitated a greater understanding of each of our communication styles, and how to understand and prevent conflict based on how each of us perceives others’ communications. We continued to have fun with the results, and every single person on our staff admitted that this deeper understanding we had of each other improved our workspace more than we could have anticipated. We are a very grateful team, grateful to Kevin for helping us know ourselves and see each other with so much more clarity. Our two sessions with Kevin, combined, were a powerful blessing for our staff.

Further, due to Kevin’s individual strength-based coaching, I was able to surface the cause of my discomfort in my role at the library; Kevin’s mentoring prompted me to recalibrate my understanding of myself and my needs & wants. After careful reflection, I took a job as an elementary school teacher, a field where my strengths are used more fully and where my talents are used more naturally.”

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