Meenaghan Launches Wardroom Success Strategies

February 20, 2020by Kevin Meenaghan

Kevin Meenaghan, well-known as a speaker, educator and meeting facilitator, announces the launch of Wardroom Success Strategies, a firm dedicated to assisting organizations to build teams and achieve their goals.

The company name comes from the Wardroom onboard a Navy vessel that is the private room for higher-ranking officers, a place where those in management positions gather to rest, take meals, and discuss matters. In the Wardroom, leadership is nurtured and camaraderie grows. Founded by Meenaghan, a former Navy pilot and officer, Wardroom Success Strategies offers professional organizations The Wardroom Experience through methodologies that foster leadership, build teams, and deliver stronger professional cultures.

“I created Wardroom Success Strategies because I love to see people succeed, and to see people and teams maximize their talents.  I like it when people collaborate, or at least acknowledge others’ perspectives,” Meenaghan said.

Large and small organizations, non-profits and corporations benefit from the Wardroom Success Strategies suite of services that open up dialogues, promote understanding among teams, and solidify a path to success.

Among the services offered by Wardroom Success Strategies are:

  • Strengths-based Development
  • Organizational Culture and Team Development
  • Communication Styles Training
  • Conflict Resolution Techniques
  • Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Meeting Facilitation & Board of Director Retreats
  • Customer Service Training
  • Values Discovery and Mission & Vision Development

Among Meenaghan’s noted credentials are Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, DiSC, Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs, federal and State of Washington eligible business certifications.

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